Space-based Capabilities (OSCAR/Space)

This section contains details of environmental satellite missions, instruments and other related information. It also provides expert assessments on the relevance of instruments for fulfilling some WMO pre-defined capabilities (see list of mission types) and the measurement of particular physical variables (see See Gap analyses by variable or by type of mission)

The OSCAR/Space section is managed by the WMO Space Programme Office. See the WMO Space Programme website for more information.

How to get started with OSCAR/Space ?

  • Using the "Quick Search"
    The "quick search" is present on every page at the right end of the menu bar. Please type e.g. the name of a satellite, instrument or variable. The system will then automatically suggest some items, which you can directly select in the drop down menu.
  • Using the top menu
    From the top menu, you can select the full tables of satellites, instruments, programmes etc. These tables can then be sorted and filtered according to your criteria.

From any page, you can use the hyperlinks to navigate between your items of interest. The quick search and top menu are available from all pages.
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OSCAR/Space Version 2.7 released

OSCAR/Space Version 2.7 was released including many new features. OSCAR/Space has now new structure of the satellite frequency records. Also, we have improved usability of the Gap Analysis by restructuring the page layout, improving instrument filters, and adding Gap Analysis Excel export functionality. Furthermore, place holder for the Data Latency record was implemented for any instrument recorded in the database. Please read more via the link here.

Satellite status updates
Launch Operator Satellite Payload
15 Apr 2022 CNSA DQ-1 EMI, POSP
31 Jan 2022 ASI CSG-2 CSG-SAR
13 Jan 2022 NSAU SICH-2-30 MBEI, IREI, Potential
Jan 2022 INPE Amazônia-1 AWFI
21 Dec 2021 NASA ISS TEMPEST-1 MM Radiometer
02 Dec 2021 BlackSky-12 SpaceView 24
02 Dec 2021 BlackSky-13 SpaceView 24
Dec 2021 BlackSky-15 SpaceView 24
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